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The colours pink & green may seem like total opposites. Green is fresh, earthy & remind us of growth; while pink is feminine, soft & reminds us of romance. So what happens when you pair the right green & pink? A match in heaven. That’s what! We got to rebrand the talented photographer Splendid Productions, and decided to give the combo a go! Here’s what happened..


Green’s relationship with Pink has come a long way. We can see it blooming during the Art Nouveau movement. Alphonese Mucha’s decorative paintings celebrated florals in shades of rouge & rosewood mixed with olive greens. William Morris also combined these colours in such a romantic way, it’s hard to think of them without each other. His designs were not to be literal transcriptions of natural forms but subtle stylised evocations. The patterns are lusciously leafy & delicately entangled, making the 1800’s the start of this trend we see today.

We see the colours in every design field, sometimes subtle & other times quite bold. The main trend however, seems to lean towards a dusty pink & hunters green combination. This is a natural pairing, considering the fact that green & red are complimentary colours on the colour wheel.

Have a look at how Style and Minimalism implemented this combo. These colours are used here to create a harmonious, fresh space & prove that this trend can definitely work in your home! We’re also in love with the way Stories subtly added rose gold touches to this palette. So beautiful!

Do have a look at The Atlantic Pacific styling ideas to bring this trend into your wardrobe! This look will make you feel like a tropical trip to Bermuda (in a pink Cadillac if possible). Pair with oversized sunglasses & you might just feel like you’re on holiday in this pretty palette.


The Splendid Production brand had to reflect the essence of the moments captured. The paper memories will become treasures that last a lifetime. What makes Splendid Productions special is that the images are taken in a modern way, encapsulating the celebration, fun & love wrapped up in every moment. For this reason the new look intertwines modern & classic, elegant & fun, minimalist & unique. In design terms this is translated into light & dark, geometric & organic, geometric & round shapes.


The foliage & floral is a strong reference. The use thereof is however, modern in layering & contrasting the soft & hard aspects. Textures & flat colours are also combined to create depth & richness.

The logo is inspired by Art Nouveau typography. The logo stays true to the look & feel of the brand by layering different elements, contrasting patterns & solid colours as well as playing between modern & classic. To wrap it up in to words – elegant & fun!

We loved experimenting with this trend & working with Splendid Productions! Do try the pink & green combo – you won’t regret it!

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